The bigg Max  deal  with day trips and located near Kilimanjaro region  and  can be experienced during a day at leisure before or after  the Kilimanjaro or Meru climb. The one day trips additionally can be included within safari itineraries upon request. Welcomes   the opportunity to offer you  a safe, comfortable and memorable experience in Tanzania.
KIKULETWA HOT SPRINGS (majimoto): swim in the little paradise of heated natural spring water
LAKE CHALA: The caldera on borders of Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Kilimanjaro. Hike down to the lake for canoeing or to enjoy a swim.
MAASAIVILLAGETOURS :Your day with maasi by learning maasi culture, traditional medicine and hunting techniques. Enjoy traditional lunch followed by walking safari  in the authentic Maasi territory
Marangu Cultural  and  Waterfalls Tour : your  day  will  include  a visit   the  caves ,banana  and  coffee farms  to try  some  local  brewed  banana  beer  (Mbege)   Kilimanjaro  view    point  and   a  small  hike to  the  waterfalls and mandara hut.
Moshi  town  tour:  experience  moshi    a town  packed  with  character,  and  with  a   beautiful  back  drop  of   the  highest   mountain  in  Africa  Explore  the  local   markets,  experience   the   art  of  local  craftsmen  and   taste some  authentic   coffee
Materuni  village :  is  located   on  the  northern  part   of  moshi   town  15kms  from   the   town   center.
The   tour  with  a  hike  to  the  waterfall  along  the  you  will  learn  about  local  villa  life   and  different   types  of  flora  and  fauna.
·         Bike  tours  in  the  village 
·         Chagga  traditional  dances 30$
·         Caffee   process  learning  tour20$
·         Visit  to  local  Primary  Schools!
·         Learning  about  how  to  brew  banana  beer 
·         Enjoying   chagga  local  food  four  lunch16$
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