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my client from malawi climbing kilimanjaro

lake jipe well come booking with us

Your so welcome my friend,  The biggMax cultural Tours  is a  local company here in Kilimanjaro region (Moshi municipal)we have good mount guide , (mount Kilimanjaro )
we can arrange your mount hiking for reasonable price , for example $1500you can climbing the mount Kilimanjaro for 5-6 days that's for machame route and even Umbwe route and Coca-Cola route (marangu route) but for marangu route we use huts but for ather route we use tent ? Our service package for more than three client the price decrease up to ($1300) the price include all park fee and camping fee, mattress per client and three meals per day (hot meal at camp site) and even salary for Potters& guide and tents;?    
When you arrived at Kilimanjaro international airport (KIA) we will take you to our hostel 
($30per day) include breakfast 🤝🤝🤝 your so welcome again!!
For more information kindly send sms on Whatspp +255629365457any time for any questions
Or visit us on instagram, facebook :thebiggmax
Well come Tanzania booking safari of National park 1 day 2day 3day 4day 5day 6day........>
karibu sana

MArangu full day trip
And the places where We Will VISIT IS 
starting point

1.KILASIYA WATER FALLS(which is the Biggest Water Falls in Kilimanjaro region), 2.BIG COFFEE PLANTATION (to see How to make Kilimanjaro Traditional Coffee Process),  3.TO VISIT UNDERGROUND CHAGA CAVES which existed 200 years a go and there you can be able to see CHAGGA ART GALLERY, CHAGA TRADITIONAL HUT, CHAGA MUSEUMS and here You Will be able to explore the CHAGA Life before Independence and to explore How CHAGA peoples where lived before the discovery of Modern Houses ALSO THE EXTRA FOR YOU WILL BE VISITING BIG BANANA PLANTATIONS WHICH CONTAINS ALL TYPES OF BANANAS FROM THE WORLD, TO VISIT NGANGU HILL MOUNTAIN  which is the View point of Kilimanjaro region, Arusha region, Tanga region, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Mawenzi, and Mount Meru View Point

Materuni  village :  is  located   on  the  northern  part   of  moshi   town  15kms  from   the   town   center.
The   tour  with  a  hike  to  the  waterfall  along  the  you  will  learn  about  local  villa  life   and  different   types  of  flora  and  fauna.

The bigg Maxcultural tours  deal  with day trips and located near Kilimanjaro region  and  you can experience  a day of  leisure before and after  climbing mount Kilimanjaro or climbing mount meru.

The big max is helping out for the people with low budget to experience tanzania beauty like seen the place that is more interest than doing tourist safari



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