The big maxis a family owned business specializing in the importation of high quality single origin green coffee. Deeply rooted in the coffee growing industry, the founders are all children of coffee farmers. We have experienced the lifestyle firsthand – harvesting, washing, drying, transporting. What we have also experienced is the coffee culture that has developed around the world.

We offer single origin coffee and the story behind it. The growers are the heart and soul of our business. Our goal is to put the individual’s name and face on his product and a fair wage in his pocket. Quality deserves to be rewarded with honest pricing. This transparency benefits both ends of the supply chain. Growers get an incentive to continue producing high quality beans and consumers receive a superior quality coffee.

A steaming cup of coffee is as emblematic of the morning as sunrise. Some people slowly savor a warm mug while awakening for the day ahead. Others grab a cup on the go as an eventful day unfolds before them. Throughout the day there may be a coffee break with friends, a mid afternoon pick me up, a savory cup after dinner. The roles of coffee in our society are endless.