1)KIKULETWA HOT SPRINGS (majimoto): swim in the little paradise of heated natural spring water  

2)LAKE CHALA: The caldera on borders of Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Kilimanjaro. Hike down to the lake for canoeing or to enjoy a swim. 

3)MAASAIVILLAGETOURS :Your day with maasai by learning maasai culture, traditional medicine and hunting techniques. Enjoy traditional lunch followed by walking safari in the authentic Masai territory.

4)Marangu Cultural  and  Waterfalls Tour :your  day  will  include  a visit   the  caves ,banana  and  coffee farms  to try  some local  brewed  banana  beer  (Mbege)  Kilimanjaro  view    point  and   a  small  hike to  the  waterfalls .

  This tour will start with a farm Visit to see and learn how farmers plant Coffee tree ,Care the tree and different stages until they pick ripe Cherries
          And after that Visitors will learn different stages to dry, roast, and grinding Coffee until they drink a cup of Coffee

  Here the Visitors will be able to learn how different African tradition foods are prepared and also the Visitors will be able to test those African tradition food

·         Bike  tours  in  the  village 
·         Chagga  traditional  dances 
·         Coffee   process  learning  
·         Visit  to  local  Primary  Schools
·         Learning  about  how  to  brew  banana  beer 
·         Enjoying   chagga  local  food  four  lunch     

    OTHER SERVICES COVERED IN ARUSHA DAY TRIP.                                        

 ARUSHA the following Cultural Tourism activities is available for the visitors
.1.Coffee Tour
.2.Spectacular View of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro
.3.Banana experience Tour
.4.Village  Bicycle Cycling Tour
.5.Traditional African dishes Cooking Experience and Lessons
.6.barbeque and Story telling