safari TanzaniaBooking now luxury safari, climbing, and day trip in Tanzania  joing safari is available now 
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                             luxury camps
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We do have electricity in a our tents 24/7
We also have Internet WiFi at our entire compound even inside the rooms 
We are located at the best place close to the river best for animal viewing 
We have best chef 
We do offer drinks (wine) during meals and at the fire place
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                         safari 6days
                       we do day trip in canoe you see an abundance of hippo and elephant.

                      we do day trip in canoe

                      we do day trip in canoe

                          day trip in canoe

                             day trip in canoe

            africa food , ugali ,wali,chapati
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               coffee tour and lunch africa food
lake chala day trip

lake chala

Africa food
  Here the Visitors will be able to learn how different African tradition foods are prepared and also the Visitors will be able to test those African tradition food

lake chala

                      big cave visit now
hot spring day trip

coffee process in local

drink coffee after process day tour

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wasukuma tradition

Traditional Maasai people’s lifestyle concentrates on their cattle which make up the primary source of food.  Amongst the Maasai and several other African ethnic groups, the measure of a man’s wealth is in terms of children and cattle. So the more the better.A man who has plenty cattle but not many children is considered to be poor and vice versa. A Maasai myth says that God afforded them all the cattle on earth, resulting in the belief that rustling from other tribes is a matter of claiming what is rightfully theirs, a practice that has now become much less common.visit with us masai boma

                                                                                      booking now climbing kilimanjaro 1day to 8days

Booking now camp and lodges safari, in Tanzania and climbing. 

 Thebiggmaxculturaltours offers the perfect Kilimanjaro climb for charity that is actually tailor made just for you to cater to all your climbing expedition needs. 

 Climb the Kilimanjaro for a good cause and support a charity and feel really good about it. 

 We offer you the ultimate and the best mountain climbing expedition to the majestic Kilimanjaro mountain. Climb the mountain and have a wonderful experience.

 For more details just visit our website ,and day trip .

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                       Kilimanjaro booking now climbing mountains in Tanzania 

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