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Experiencing A Day Trip To Marangu

When visiting Moshi, the most fun place you want to visit too is Marangu. a 30 min to 40 min drive away fro Moshi town, Marangu is situated on the foothills of Kilimanjaro and it's inhabitants are the Chagga tribe. For you information are well known for their love of beer and local made beverage called Mbege which is made from banana.

The Chagga's traditionally live on the southern and eastern slopes of Mt. KIlimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Moshi itself.

Since Marangu is not that far, one can decide to go for day trip and learn a lot by visiting various places in the region.

  • Chagga House: Museum /traditional chagga house that show how the chaggas use to live.
  • Caves: Where the chaggas use to hide during tribal wars
  • Babu coffee: Am elderly grandpa teaches the learning process of coffee making with a local farmer.
  • Marangu Waterfall: Visiting the natural beauty wonders of Kilasia, Ndoro, Kilawesi and much more.

If you are a pork lover, chagga people are also well known for their love in pig's meat. Although the cooking preparation mighty be different with other community outside Tanzania. Pork lovers from Chagga love a dry fried/roasted pork meat with roasted banana and if you are lucky with the season you may end up getting free avocados too( that's from December to March).

So would you love to enjoy this fun day trip? If so, come'on let's go..