Lake Jipe
Lake Jipe straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania. On the Tanzania side, it is situated within Mwanga District, in Kilimanjaro Region, while on the Kenyan side, it is located south of the village of Nghonji. The lake is fed mainly by the Lumi River, which descends from Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as streams from the North Pare Mountains.

The lake’s outlet forms the Ruvu River. Kenya’s unfenced Tsavo West National Park protects part of the lake’s northern shore, while on the Tanzania side Mkomazi Game Reserve is nearby. The lake is known for fish, water birds, mammals like hippoppotamus, wetland plants and lake-edge swamps.

Trip Summary

Local Canoeing,
Small waterfalls,
Seeing animals mainly Hippopotamus , Elephants and different kinds of birds.