The bigg Max  deal  with day trips and located near Kilimanjaro region  and  you can experience  a day of  leisure before and after  climbing mount Kilimanjaro or climbing mount meru. 
The big max is helping out for the people with low budget to experience tanzania beauty like seen the place that is more interest than doing tourist safari
KIKULETWA HOT SPRINGS (majimoto): swim in the little paradise of heated natural spring water 25$ per

LAKE CHALA: The caldera on borders of Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Kilimanjaro. Hike down to the lake for canoeing or to enjoy a swim. 60$ per
MAASAIVILLAGETOURS :Your day with maasi by learning maasi culture, traditional medicine and hunting techniques. Enjoy traditional lunch followed by walking safari  in the authentic Maasi territory 25$ per
Marangu Cultural  and  Waterfalls Tour : your  day  will  include  a visit   the  caves ,banana  and coffee farms  to try  some  local  brewed  banana  beer  (Mbege)   Kilimanjaro  view    point  and   a small  hike to  the  waterfalls and mandara hut.  30 $ per

Moshi  town  tour:  experience  moshi    a town  packed  with  character,  and  with  a   beautiful back  drop  of   the  highest   mountain  in  Africa  Explore  the  local   markets,  experience   the   art of  local  craftsmen  and   taste some  authentic   coffee 20$ per
Materuni  village :  is  located   on  the  northern  part   of  moshi   town  15kms  from   the   town  center. 30$ per
The   tour  with  a  hike  to  the  waterfall  along  the  you  will  learn  about  local  villa  life   and different   types  of  flora  and  fauna.

·         Bike  tours  in  the  village 
·         Chagga  traditional  dances 
·         Coffee   process  learning  tour
·         Visit  to  local  Primary  Schools
·         Learning  about  how  to  brew  banana  beer 
·         Enjoying   chagga  local  food  four  lunch

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